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The Academy of Hockey is dedicated to being the premier development destination for hockey players and coaches by providing the dedicated hockey player with a structured and specific program that encourages and motivates the individual to reach their highest playing potential. Every player, family and coach has a hockey goal, and it is our belief that the development path for each person is unique.


The Academy of Hockey’s basis for all programing is education, and is supported with our “Pillars of Development.” This dedicated structure will challenge players of all ages and skill levels as well as help accelerate their development to achieve measurable success.

Academy of Hockey – Pillars of Development:

  • Holistic approach: 360-degree education utilizing expert team of coaches
  • Skill Progression: Foundation – Development – Specialization
  • Coach to Player Ratio: Essential to achieve consistent communication and correction
  • Innovation: Technology driven from a one-of-a-kind facility
  • Personalized, relationship based experience: From all staff and at all points of contact

At the Academy of Hockey, we strive to build the knowledge base of each player through consistent and constructive delivery of our hockey knowledge. In youth hockey today, practice to game ratio is a consistent topic of discussion. Yet, the average number of games played by a youth team continues to rise, and typically lands in a range from 45 – 70.  Research has shown that most players only touch the puck for mere seconds per game.

We feel there is a tremendous opportunity for players to develop their skills, so that when they do have the puck, they can make it count. Our “deep practice” philosophy will provide our participants specific and tactical skill repetition and immediate feedback, which leads to accelerated retention. Our participants will turn “drills” into habits using such techniques, which can then be summoned when needed.

The Academy of Hockey strongly believes that hockey players should be well-rounded athletes. Our calendar of on-ice and off-ice programs allow time for players of all ages and skill levels an opportunity to break from hockey, and enjoy other sports, hobbies and interests. Our mindset is that the hockey season is divided into three (3) segments:

The Hockey Calendar – Months of the Year

  • In Season: September – March
  • Off Season – Spring: April – June
  • Off Season – Summer: July – August

The Hockey Calendar – Program Objectives

  • In Season: Supplement player’s in season development while with traditional team
  • Off Season – Spring: Skill Development, focus on the player’s individual skill sets
  • Off Season – Summer: Summer camps, specialization of skill and position

Check out our Current Programs, the Academy of Hockey journal, or contact us at   for more information.

We are excited for the opportunity to work with hockey players and coaches from WNY and beyond, utilizing the incredible resources of our Development Staff and HARBORCENTER. At the Academy, “we get inside your game”.